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This game was developed to generate excitement about the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign.

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Bernie Sanders is mad as hell and he isn't gonna take it anymore. Lobbyists have taken over the U.S. Capitol and made themselves too comfortable. They are being lead by the infamous Kock Brothers. Take control of Senator Sanders and save democracy.

Bernie gains experience and power as he defeats enemies. As he advances levels he gains additional health and stamina and deals more damage. Don't spend too much time leveling up because your score depends on a saving democracy quickly.

A variety of power ups will help Bernie along the way. He recovers health by drinking maple syrup and regains stamina by eating B & J Ice Cream. Keep and eye out for lil' Bernie that grants an extra life.

A variety of enemies await: Wall Street Lobbyists, Oil Lobbyists,Gun Lobbyists, and the Billionaire Kock Brothers.

Keyboard Controls

Arrow Keys - Direction

X - Punch

C - Dash (gained at level 3 and costs 5 stamina)

V - Smack of Wisdom (gained at level 5 and costs 10 stamina)

O - Volume up

L - Volume down

P - Pause

Q - Quit (when game is paused)

Install instructions

DC Berning has been tested on multiple versions of Windows from 7 through 10. Please report any issues or bugs in the comments below and I will attempt to address them. Gamepad play is supported.


DC Berning.exe 8 MB


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